The Sartorialist

In 2012, Scott Schuman, renown fashion blogger and photographer, officially launched his lunch event for stylish men from around the world:  Lunch for 25. I watched this video several times and each time I found something compelling amongst the interactions of his guests. Everyone seated knows they were specifically invited by Scott because he appreciates their style so much that he wants to share it with the world.

Enjoy the Video:  Lunch for 25

The Preview

Take a moment to view the preview clip as well.  Unlike the full video which was shot in black and white, this one was shot in vibrant color that allows you to appreciate the full range of colors and textures in the fashionable garb.  If you don’t speak Italian, don’t worry. The vibrant fashion and body language translates to any language.

the sartorialist 2

At the Table

The desire to create my own series of special events inspired me to launch At the Table. The purpose is to bring together people of various backgrounds, points of views, personal and professional experiences. Uniqueness is valued just as much as authenticity, intelligence as much as charm and compassion above all else. Most often, we gather for a cause:  education, homelessness, violence prevention, mental health and more. My desire is for guests to connect, learn something new, share their point of view, support each other, create partnerships and generate opportunities.

Check out Scott’s blog The Sartorialist and prepare to become addicted.


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