I want to thank everyone who attended At the Table dinner events in 2014.  The last dinner of the year took place at Roy’s restaurant in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. I have quite a few events there as it is one of my favorite venues with wonderful decor, great service and consistently delicious cuisine.
Since it was the holidays, I decided to prepare gifts for each of my guests. I just happened to pick burgundy bags which matched the table napkins perfectly.

Dinner Topic

As with most dinners, there was a topic. For this one, we reflected on 2013 and shared our goals for 2014. It was an intimate and lively conversation, with me learning surprising facts about people I’ve known for quite a while.

At The Table

At the table, pictured left to right above:
  • Clarence Booth
  • Monica Allen
  • Stella Moy
  • Kiljoong Kim
  • Gulfishan Ali Khadim
  • Rachel Robinson
  • Melissa Cooper
  • Konstance Allen
  • Phaedra Leslie
  • Bert Allen
  • Amy Cheng

Selecting Dinner Guests

A few people asked about my formula for choosing dinner guests. Well, I consider character, talent, interests, charisma, generosity, current roles and aspirations.  Of course, there’s a bit of instinct involved as well.
Clarence booth has attended a few of the dinners and I always look foward to seeing him. Candace Allen joined us for the first time, after I met her and her husband at a Metropolitan Club Chicago Sinfonietta subscribers event.
Stella and Kiljoon share quite a few things in common. Particullary a background in classical music as violinist. Stella is now a banker and Kiljoon is a data anlyst in addition to being a violinist with the Chicago Metropolitan Orchestra.
I have known Rachel, Melissa and Konstance the longest out of the entire group.
It was wonderful watching everyone connect.
Thanks to each of you for being your authentic selves and generously sharing your story.
Have a wonderful 2014.

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